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Why Costa Rica?

Climate and weather

Climate. Not too cold not too hot. Warm and comfortable.

Food and vitamins

Always fresh and inexpensive fruits, vegetables, fresh meat and fish.

Prices and taxes

Low prices. No taxes on freelancing. Crypto is allowed.


There are petty thefts, but not much robberies and assaults. There is no army either.


It’s easy to make friends. The locals are friendly towards strangers. The expat communities are growing.


General healthcare is free. A lot of private high-quality solutions available.


International airport, excellent transport accessibility.

90 days legal stay

The visa can be easily extended. It is not too hard to get a residence permit.


Free state education and multiple private bilingual options


Eco conciosness and solutions are developed and implemented on both governmental and private levels

Who is Costa Rica for?

For everyone!

For singles

Great place for solo travelers. Allows you to concentrate and reach a zen state.

For couples

Unforgettable new emotions, a fruitful environment for improvement and going deeper.

For families

Reliability and safety. Happy childhood, calm working conditions for parents, life/work balance.

For companies

The atmosphere is conducive to effective joint work and fun.

Who are we?

We are Digital Nomads

My name is Den Stark and I work in the IT industry. I am 44, I left Russia in 2010. Since then I lived in many countries with my family: Thailand, Holland, Belgium, Luxembourg, the United Arab Emirates and Georgia. We were looking for a place connected to roots and open for innovations. And we found it. We decided to settle in Costa Rica. Our experience of migration shows that one can hardly think of a better place to live a simple, comfortable, healthy, peaceful and happy life.

The conscious high vibe community in Costa Rica continues to expand, and we will be happy to help you make your dream come true. Your dream is much closer than it might seem.

Welcome to Costa Rica!

What do we offer?


A consultation

We have already accumulated a lot of real experience so that it could help you. We know a lot about Costa Rica and will be happy to answer any questions you may have.

Costa Rica Consultation

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Find answers to your questions

We will answer in detail all your questions regarding moving, living and working in Costa Rica
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We will schedule a video call through Zoom, Skype, Google Meet, Telegram or Whatsapp.

Real estate transactions

We own a land in Costa Rica. And we know the ways in local real estate and construction issues because we went through all the stages ourselves. We are not professional realtors, we are IT people, but we can help with our specific experience here in Costa Rica. Taking into account local nuances and pitfalls.

Right Here!

Our own properties are located in the province of Puntarenas, Garabito area. The nearest town is called Quebrada Amarilla. Here we build our houses, live and work remotely from here.

How can we help

Buy a land in Costa Rica

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Buy a land in Costa Rica

We will conduct an initial consultation, help you choose location and assist in the transaction
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Build a house on purchased land

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Build a house on purchased land

We will help with the construction of a house on your purchased land. We will find teams of workers and the necessary materials, we will accompany the transaction, we will look after the construction process
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Apartments rentals in Costa Rica

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Apartments rentals in Costa Rica

We will help you find an apartment or other real estate for temporary rent in Costa Rica. We will talk with landlords, organize a video viewing and of course we will bargain a bit 🙂
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The cost of our services is real and transparent, negotiated and fixed. First of all we are IT specialists ready to help others. And we certainly do not stir up behind the backs of customers.


Do you have other tasks in Costa Rica?

We will be happy to provide any assistance!

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Contact us and we’ll respond as soon as possible. We sincerely hope that our assistance will play an important role in achieving your goals. Sincerely, Relocato team

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